Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi everybody! Brian here. Since our last post, Robin got a job at a home care nursing company. They hired her for fill-in work (scattered and infrequent) but during orientation, the clients Robin worked with liked her so much they were asking the company if Robin could stay with them full time! The company was really impressed with Robin as well, so she has been given a lot of work. Im so proud of my talented wife!

We have been quite busy, with both of us working and me going to school. I think we've done great though. I am really learning a lot at school, not to mention seeing all kinds of miracles and healings that Jesus promised "And these signs will accompany those who believe: in my name they will drive out demons," and "they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well." (Mark 16:17a,18b). In fact, yesterday while I was throwing a baseball with a friend, I pinched a nerve in my neck slightly. This happens every now and then, and I can't turn my head to the side for a few hours afterwards. My friend Jeremy prayed for me and the pain disappeared instantly! We went on to throw the baseball for another 5-8 minutes. There have been many other greater testimonies of people getting healed of terminal illnesses, mental illness, learning disorders, broken bones, regaining mobility where metal rods have been put in, and the list goes on.

The most impactful aspect of our time out here has been living amongst an entire culture of people who believe God, and believe the outrageous promises the Bible presents to us even before we see the results of those promises. Thats what faith is: believing until you see it. For too long faith has been defined as believing despite never seeing, when in Hebrews 6:12 we are instructed to "through faith and patience inherit what has been promised." God has shown up in our lives with provision, miracles, healing, encouragement, community, love, joy, peace, and on and on so many times that we have learned to trust Him even when He speaks and tells us to do something when we aren't sure of the outcome. It has been an amazing journey of learning to expect God to be actively involved in our lives every single day and night.

I have also been systematically doing required readings of the bible, books, textbooks, homework, reports, small groups, etc, which have all been very informative and equipping. I have a better grasp of the Bible as a whole, techniques for study and reading, and concise views of foundational truths. Im excited about the second semester!

I also have the incredible opportunity to go on a missions trip to South Korea from April 01 to April 18. Thats a looong trip but I know it will be powerful and life changing for me and the people our group will be interacting with. The missions trip info says this about the trip:
One hundred years ago Korea experienced a powerful move of God's revival and from that historical outpouring of the Holy Spirit birthed churches all over the nation. Korea was split into two nations after Korean war and to this day is separated so as we go to this 'Morning Glory' nation we are going to be Jesus's hands and feet to bring renewal, revival, healing, restoration, identity, and reconciliation to the people of South Korea in Seoul. We are going to minster to churches (conference), to Korean celebrities, street evangelism, intercede and do prophetic acts/declaration near the South Korea and North Korea border. It is a pioneering trip as this is a first mission trip to Korea from BSSM so if you want to be challenged, stretched, and carry the heart of the Father for the nation that is hungering to know Him then this a trip is for you.

South Korea has one of (if not THE) highest suicide rates in the world, so many people there are definitely suffering from hopelessness. I know that we will be able to not only talk to people about hope in Jesus, but demonstrate with undeniable proofs that God exists and He raised Jesus from the dead, "by the power of signs and miracles, by the power of the Spirit… I have fully proclaimed the gospel of Christ." (Romans 15:19).
If you would like to give financially to help me out and promote the gospel, please click HERE. Thank you so much if you are able to give! We also want to thank everyone who has already prayed for us and gave financially to help us during our time out here.  We wouldn't have been able to do this with out the help of people being obedient to God telling them to give.

Concerning other things future-related, Robin and I were thinking and praying about the next year the past couple weeks. We had our own ideas that we would probably be here a few years, but we wanted to hear from God for specific direction. God has often spoken to us through dreams, and (without telling Robin that I prayed this) I asked God to give us a dream to direct what we should do. That very night, Robin dreamed that we went back to Augusta. She told me about the dream, not knowing what I had prayed for. We talked about it and sensed that God had answered our prayer! God has established that He speaks through dreams with many many accounts in the Bible, most notably would be when an angel came to Joseph, Jesus's father, and told him to move to Egypt, and again 2 years later to move back to Israel. An angel told the magi who came to Jesus to avoid Herod on their way back. The apostle Paul saw a macedonian man calling out to him in a dream, and Paul interpreted that as God sending him to Macedonia. There are many more accounts too.

Anyways, we had only signed a 6 month contract for our rental house, so that runs out on February 28th. We are coming back to Augusta in the middle of March for a friend's wedding, so we developed a plan. We will all drive back to Augusta in early March and stay until shortly after the wedding. Robin and the kids will stay in Augusta, and I will fly back out to Redding to finish out school. Ill have a few weeks of school, then the aforementioned missions trip, then only another few weeks until graduation. It sounds a little crazy but we know people in the military have gone through MUCH more difficult things, so it wont be too bad.

I hope you have been SUPER MEGA UPDATED. Please keep praying for us. Robin and I have been so changed by our time out here and we have a renewed sense of purpose and goals for our lives. We really love it out here (NO MOSQUITOS!!) and like I said we had thought we would stay longer, but we are also glad to be back near family and friends.
We cant wait to see everybody in March!

Brian and the Walker clan.

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